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Rules of racing

  1. Helmets are COMPULSORY.
  2. All drivers MUST wear closed in shoes. NO thongs or sandals.
  3. Seat belts MUST be worn (if fitted).
  4. NO weaving or turning is allowed during the race.
  5. Keep all limbs inside the Billy cart at all times.
  6. Brakes must be used to stop after the crossing the finish line.
  7. Drivers must not exit their Billy cart until officials have given permission.
  8. All Billy carts will commence from standing start under their own weight. One team member will be required to hold the cart until the race has commenced ( NO PUSH STARTS).
  9. A Billy cart or driver may be disqualified at any time at the discretion of the chief official.
  10. Late entries will not be accepted.
  11. All participants enter at their own risk.
  12. Limit 2 people to use per cart.

Billy cart specs

  1. All Billy carts must have four (4) wheels.
  2. Maximum Billy cart length – 2000mm.
  3. Maximum Billy cart with – 700mm.
  4. Only wood and plastic based materials are allowed in the construction of the Billy cart.
  5. Steel based materials may only be used in the wheels and axles. NO STEEL FRAMES.
  6. Maximum wheel diameter – 400mm.
  7. Maximum steering lock 15 degrees.
  8. Axels must not extend past the wheel hub by more than 25mm.
  9. No dangerous protrusions as determined by scrutineer.
  10. All Billy carts must be fitted with working brake/s.
  11. No bumper bars in front of the wheels.
  12. Enclosed Billy carts where the front extends above the chest must be fitted with a seat belt.
  13. Enclosed Billy carts where the front extends above the chest must be fitted with a back board higher than the drivers head.
  14. The scrutineer must pass all carts.
  15. Any Billy cart that does not comply with any of the above specifications will only be eligible for the “open class” race.

Forms for competitors

Red Billy Cart
Billy cart derby 2013